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Vintage Otto Backstage Pass - Van Halen

Vintage Otto Backstage Pass - Van Halen

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IT’S EASY TO understand why Van Halen thought they’d get away with bringing on Gary Cherone as their new lead singer back in 1998. The hard rock giants hadn’t dealt with a lot of failure at that point. Everyone thought losing David Lee Roth back in 1985 would destroy the band, but they hired Sammy Hagar and became even more popular. Meanwhile, Roth’s career quickly turned to dust. When things turned sour with Sammy around 1996, they just assumed the public would accept the former lead singer of Extreme as the new voice of Van Halen 



OTTO is the go to for custom printed Credentials, Backstage and VIP Passes!

The OTTO family first opened the doors of its commercial printing business in 1964.  In 1974, OTTO introduced the world’s first Satin Cloth Backstage Pass and quickly became the only printer that rock stars and groupies knew by name.

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