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Vintage Otto Backstage pass - BB King

Vintage Otto Backstage pass - BB King

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The idea was simple. In 1991 BB wanted a club that was affordable and small enough to give the audience a more personal bonding with the performers on stage. That was a different and risky approach since at the time most of the music scene had moved to stadiums and other large venues. Those larger venues had forced similar clubs to go out of business.

Against the odds, the Memphis club was a major factor in a rebirth of the famous club scene that was once Beale Street. No doubt the popularity of the blues king helped in bringing people in.

The success of the club led B B to spread the idea to other cities. In 2000 one opened in NYC in the area that used to be a hot bed of music clubs on Times Square. It quickly became one of the most popular spots in the city.




OTTO is the go to for custom printed Credentials, Backstage and VIP Passes!

The OTTO family first opened the doors of its commercial printing business in 1964.  In 1974, OTTO introduced the world’s first Satin Cloth Backstage Pass and quickly became the only printer that rock stars and groupies knew by name.

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