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Vintage Otto Backstage Pass - Aerosmith

Vintage Otto Backstage Pass - Aerosmith

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 After releasing their 11th studio album, ‘Get a Grip’ on April 20, 1993, which was the band’s best-selling studio album worldwide after achieving sales of over 20 million copies, Aerosmith hit the road under the name of ‘Get a Grip Tour’ that lasted over 18 months, from early June 1993 to mid-December 1994. By the end of the tour, the album had sold twelve million records worldwide, charted four Top 40 hits, and won countless awards including two Grammy Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, and more.



OTTO is the go to for custom printed Credentials, Backstage and VIP Passes!

The OTTO family first opened the doors of its commercial printing business in 1964.  In 1974, OTTO introduced the world’s first Satin Cloth Backstage Pass and quickly became the only printer that rock stars and groupies knew by name.

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