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A.N.OTHER WD/2018 Parfum 50ml

A.N.OTHER WD/2018 Parfum 50ml

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Created to fully harness the power of the olfactory senses, this perfume utilizes the tranquil and nourishing qualities of sandalwood to enhance concentration and awaken intuition.

An infusion of lush, effervescent pear at the top adds a distinct uplifting quality and an unmistakably modern appeal.

Perfumer: Patricia Bilodeau


Top: pear sparkle / cardamom spice / violet leaves

Heart: rich orris / cypress / amyris

Base: sandalwood / blonde cedar / vetiver madagascar

Free of toxins, animal products, and dyes. Sustainably and responsibly sourced.

Eco-friendly information

• Packaging: Recyclable and Plastic-free

• Product Materials: Plastic-free and Vegan

• Production: Sustainably sourced


About A. N. OTHER

NO RULES. NO LIMITS. NO NONSENSE. There is a myth that a high-quality fragrance should be priced beyond reach. Brands fuel this myth by dressing up their perfumes with expensive cover stories of celebrities, moods, travel tales, and most obviously – inflated brand egos. In reality, only a small fraction of your money pays for what’s inside the bottle, while most of your money pays for the cover stories that brands spin. A. N. OTHER is different. Everything we do is stripped back to the barest essentials. The confidence to spend less on nonsense allows us to invest more in exceptional ingredients. We give award-winning perfumers an open check and the freedom to create something meaningful. They give us bold fragrances designed without the constraints of budgets, creative direction, or market trends. Explore a collection of fragrances created with a crystal-clear focus on what's inside the bottle. The entire collection is gender-neutral and clean.

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